Leadership coaching is the process of facilitating an individual’s professional growth and productivity. It will ultimately help you clarify your professional and personal goals, and take strategic actions to move from where you currently are to where you want to be. Leadership coaching is not just for business or organizations leaders but for anyone who wants to lead the ship!

Are you interested in Leadership Coaching?

Contact me  so we can start with a Leadership Assessment that evaluates you across 3 key leadership dimensions; Character, Relationships and Influence, so we can identify hidden strengths and development opportunities.

I will then design a personalized, specific development plan based on strengths and challenges identified in the assessment. During regular 1-on-1 video sessions, you will work with me to improve your strong and weak points based on your plan. Growth will be measured through defined goals.

Most people use leadership coaching to…

– Set goals and work on skills that will help them become the leader they wish to be.
– Know that no matter what challenge comes their way, they have a coach by their side who can help them talk through tough situations, prepare for a big presentation or a difficult conversation.
– Plan their career with actionable goals that will get them where they want to go next.
– Overcome internal blocks to success because their Certified coach can help them identify and then eliminate limiting beliefs that keep them from progress.
– Improve professional and personal relationships and communication with increased self-awareness and self-control.

Coaches have a different perspective from yours. Often people are limited by limited self-awareness. A coach can see the situation from a different perspective and they are always on your side, ready to help you create and realize your vision, overcome obstacles, deal with changes and challenges, increase your self-awareness and discover your limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them, climb the ladder at work, become more productive, and ultimately take your strengths and your entire life to the next level.

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